Corporate vision

Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers is aware that the legal profession has only one reason to exist: to find a solution and assist you with your specific case. The law firm has therefore defined the values and culture underlying the services it provides.

Growth through collaboration

Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers aims to assist clients with their tax queries and/or tax disputes, whether nationally or internationally.

National partnerships

Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers is a nation-wide law firm. The expansion of the law firm beyond the language border is a conscious strategy, since Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers intends to act nationally, assisting clients with their their tax queries or disputes across Belgium.

Having ascertained that the tax legislation can differ from one province to the next in Belgium, the firm deals with tax disputes caused by conflicts of jurisdiction between the country’s different authorities.

The firm is an independent firm. It does not have any exclusivity and enjoys working with the client’s advisors. It maintains contacts with other law firms and experts to steer clients towards the best solution.

International partnerships

Taxation is evolving towards increasing transparency, both nationally and certainly internationally.  Mechanisms for international fiscal-financial data exchange are being perfected and strengthened. Tax disputes are therefore directly or indirectly becoming increasingly international.

Since taxation is gradually taking on this cross-border dimension, Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers maintains good contacts with foreign law firms that have the same profile and specialise in tax matters and in defending the taxpayer’s interests. This allows Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers to also advise or defend clients on fiscal matters with cross-border aspects. 


Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers is a member of the international network IR Global.

Our experts

The lawyers at Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers specialise in tax law, rulings, corporate and accounting law, reorganisation and contract management, mergers and divisions or acquisitions, anti-money laundering and criminal tax law, private estate and succession planning.