Jan Tuerlinckx
Jan is a founding partner of Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers and has developed the law firm into a national network with offices in Antwerp, Westerlo, Hasselt and Liège.
Dave van Moppes
Dave is a founding partner of Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers. Dave advises clients preventively (risk assessment – compliance) on tax issues and assists them with tax disputes and procedures.
Charlotte Lardenoit
Charlotte is a partner at Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers. She has gained special expertise with regard to disputes with the tax authorities, whether nationally or internationally.
Luc Van Helshoecht
Luc is responsible for general taxation and advises and defends the interests of clients in negotiations with the tax authorities, as well as in the administrative stage and during court proceedings.
Zoë Van Hese
Within the Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers team, Zoe focuses on PRIVATE, ESTATE, CORPORATE and CRIMINAL matters.  She deals with aspects of family estate law, inheritance law, contract law, corporate law, real estate law, gift and transfer law and the property law aspects of criminal law. 
Baptistin Alaime
Baptistin specialises in the TAX and CORPORATE aspects of taxation. His field of work includes direct and indirect taxes.
Pieter Willems
Pieter’s field of work is at the crossroads between the TAX, CORPORATE and PRIVATE aspects of taxation. In addition to general taxation, he defends cases in corporation tax and commercial litigation.
Dimitri Van Becelaere
Dimitri is mainly responsible for the PRIVATE and CORPORATE aspects of taxation at Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers. He oversees family estate and succession planning, focusing on both private and professional assets within the relevant family.
Bjorn Van Hees
Bjorn has a special interest in the TAX and CORPORATE aspects of taxation. Bjorn assists clients in general tax matters such as the technical doctrines of personal income tax returns and when reviewing ruling requests
Kenneth Van Acker
Kenneth has a special interest in the TAX and PRIVATE aspects of taxation. He advises and negotiates direct tax case files and oversees private estate planning.
Marie-Aude De Maré
At Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers – in Liège and Antwerp – Marie-Aude is responsible for general taxation. She advises and defends the interests of clients not only in negotiations with tax authorities, but also during the administrative stage and in court proceedings.
Tisha Dujardin
At Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers, Tisha has a particular interest in TAX, VAT and the PRIVATE aspects of tax law. She advises and negotiates in cases of direct and indirect tax and she assists with private wealth planning.
Jan Van Hemelen
For Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers, Jan mainly focuses on the TAX aspects of tax law. He advises and supports taxpayers around formal and material law in direct taxes.
Kenneth Erneste
Kenneth Erneste has been involved in the Junior Programme at Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers since February 2018. He works as a paralegal for the firm and assists lawyers in researching recent jurisprudence and new legislation. He assists the firm’s lawyers in preparing their cases.
Emily Polfliet
Emily Polfliet is participating in the Junior Programme at Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers concurrently with her studies. As a paralegal she does research work for the lawyers and assists them in the handling of current case files.
Ans De Bontridder
Ans manages and directs Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers. In addition, Ans is responsible for HR administration, job fairs and recruitment, the coaching of participants in the firm’s summer internships, as well as the supervision of trainee lawyers, performance appraisals and evaluations, employment contracts and insurances.
Sylvia Van de Velde
Sylvia monitors all incoming and outgoing invoices at Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers and checks accounts payable and receivable.
Muriel Van Honsté
Muriel manages the calendars and takes care of the organisational structure. She is also the first point of contact with regard to Mr. Jan Tuerlinckx.
Helga Madou
Helga plays a pivotal role in the law firm’s administration. She supports the lawyers on an administrative level and she is responsible for case management and procurement.
Bertien Van Peer
Bertien has a versatile role in the office team. Because of her marketing knowledge and experience, she is responsible for the website and social media of Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers. She watches over the firm’s branding and maintains contacts with the press and the media.
Kris Michielsen
Together with Helga, Kris supports the lawyers with administrative matters, which means she is jointly responsible for file management, the legal library kept by Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers and procurement. 


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