It is never convenient to have a dispute with a tax authority. The impact on the taxpayer should not be overestimated. Yet, more often than not, the saying “better safe than sorry” is applied in taxation matters.


 In practice, corporate law, accounting law and taxation are not strictly defined fields. A well-thought-out approach to a corporate problem also implies the thorough scrutiny of both accounting and tax aspects. Corporate law is not an island and requires an integrated approach.


 What if you and your assets are threatened under criminal law? First, it is important to understand which technical offence is invoked as the basis for the criminal law claim. In a criminal defence without prior fiscal and technical analysis, we, as a tax-litigation firm, believe that it is the unmistakable and necessary added value for the taxpayer under criminal investigation.


 The firm advises you on the retention and transfer of your private and professional assets, while focusing on tax, corporate law, family and inheritance aspects. An integrated approach is the key to success. Where necessary, the firm provides assistance with disputes which involve the use of your assets.