The core competencies and specialisations of lawyers at Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers are divided into four aspects: TAX, CORPORATE, CRIMINAL AND PRIVATE.


Prevent, avoid and resolve tax disputes


Acquisitions, mergers, restructuring and planning


If your assets are threatened under criminal law


Private asset structuring, estate planning, advice implementation & dispute with respect to shares and assets

Mission & vision

The mission of Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers is to prevent and resolve tax issues. At Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers, all tax and legal issues are always addressed in a pragmatic and holistic approach. Specifically, this means that lawyers and experts work together to find the best solution based on their own tax specialisation.

Latest articles

The lawyers of Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers ensure that you stay up-to-date on current tax topics by publishing articles on our own expertise platform.

Jan Tuerlinckx

Copyright is the new company car

FISCALITY INFLUENCES our behaviour. People avoid highly taxed transactions or income, preferring tax exemption and low tax solutions. The government has planned for that.
Jan Tuerlinckx

Twenty years of uncertainty

THE TAX PROCEDURE of direct taxes and VAT dates back to March 1999, which is twenty years ago this month. If this anniversary may have gone unnoticed, the two decades following its introduction have by no means been plain sailing. Right from its conception, there was a suspicion that there were major flaws in the legislation.
Jan Tuerlinckx

The right to government efficiency

YOU WOULD HAVE TO BE A MARTIAN to not know that elections are coming. A characteristic of our constitutional system is that the House of Representatives then designates the articles of the Constitution which may be amended in the following legislature.
Jan Tuerlinckx

Dearer tomatoes

ON CLOSER INSPECTION, money matters are not so complicated. If you earn an income from your work, you can either keep, invest or spend that money. Whatever the option, the State has a finger in every pie.