Corona measures

Dear client,

Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers also assumes its responsibility during the Corona crisis.

This means that extra precautions will be taken within our organization to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and to protect your health and that of our employees.

In order to guarantee the continuity of our services, the offices of Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers remain operational. All internal and external meetings that are not strictly necessary are therefore, where possible, replaced by digital alternatives

Please feel free to keep on calling and emailing us.

For specific questions about your file and how it will be followed up, you can always contact your contact person within the office.

We remain optimistic and hope that we can quickly return to the normal situation. We wish you, your company and your family all the best in these difficult times.

Kind regards,

Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers



The core competencies and specialisations of lawyers at Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers are divided into four aspects: TAX, CORPORATE, CRIMINAL AND PRIVATE.


Prevent, avoid and resolve tax disputes


Acquisitions, mergers, restructuring and planning


If your assets are threatened under criminal law


Private asset structuring, estate planning, advice implementation & dispute with respect to shares and assets

Mission & vision

The mission of Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers is to prevent and resolve tax issues. At Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers, all tax and legal issues are always addressed in a pragmatic and holistic approach. Specifically, this means that lawyers and experts work together to find the best solution based on their own tax specialisation.

Latest articles

The lawyers of Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers ensure that you stay up-to-date on current tax topics by publishing articles on our own expertise platform.

Jan Tuerlinckx

From algorithm to tunnel vision

DE DIGITALISERING ZOU het leven makkelijker moeten maken: meer doen met minder inspanningen of met minder arbeidskrachten.
Jan Tuerlinckx

Everyone is equal before the law

THIS IS ONE OF THE fundamental principles of our society: everyone is equal before the law. As such, it is the pillar of our democratic system. It constitutes the basis of Articles 10 and 11 of the principle of equality enshrined in the Constitution.
Jan Tuerlinckx

Accounting errors at Belgium Ltd are no small matter

‘It’s not that simple, you say? That could very well be true, but we are not blind. We can see what kind of cars your top people drive. We can see the luxury enshrined within your offices.’ Jan Tuerlinckx, partner at Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers, addresses the State of Belgium in a letter.
Jan Tuerlinckx

Finance is an enterprise in trouble

IT MADE THE NEWS the other day: the Belgian government is only an average performer where it comes to digitisation. And we may even consider ourselves fortunate in having Tax-on-web to boost our reputation.