What if you and your assets are threatened under criminal law? First, it is important to understand which technical offence is invoked as the basis for the criminal law claim.

 In a criminal defence without prior fiscal and technical analysis, we, as a tax-litigation firm, believe that it is the unmistakable and necessary added value for the taxpayer under criminal investigation.

If you are investigated under criminal law, no effort should be spared.

Anti-money laundering legislation

Worldwide, efforts are being deployed to achieve financial transparency. Banking secrecy has been brought to its knees. Nowadays, the government will require justification for every asset we own.

The office assists professionals who need to apply the ‘know-your-client’ or the preventive anti-money laundering legislation.

Criminal tax law

Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers defends taxpayers and their advisors in cases of criminal tax law.

If a client is at risk of becoming the subject of a criminal investigation into tax fraud or money laundering, Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers defends the interests of the client concerned at a criminal and tax law level.

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Jan Tuerlinckx

Anti-money laundering regulations have gone too far

There was an avalanche of Belgian top tax experts’ comments on Twitter a few weeks ago, following the Supreme Court ruling of 13 October 2020. The stumbling block was the burden of proof in money laundering cases.
Dave van Moppes

Transposition of the 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive: preliminary draft law

The transposition of the 5th EU anti-money laundering directive (AML) into Belgian law is currently the subject of a preliminary draft law containing various provisions to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing (Anti-Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism - AML/CTF) and to restrict the use of cash.
Jan Tuerlinckx

Full access to financial data in the pipeline

Almost three years ago to the day, my article “Le cadastre des fortunes arrive” was published under this section. The Central Contact Point (CCP), created by the National Bank of Belgium, has been operational since mid-2015.