It is never convenient to have a dispute with a tax authority. The impact on the taxpayer should not be overestimated. Yet, more often than not, the saying “better safe than sorry” is applied in taxation matters.

Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers has specialised in settling disputes with the tax authorities. But there is more. The expertise gained as a result is used to guide clients in such a way that tax disputes are altogether avoided.

Tax guidance prevents tax disputes.


Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers has extensive experience in advising on all possible tax regularisations. The firm’s lawyers have been guiding clients in all possible fiscal regularisations, starting with the preparation of the Unique Liberatory Declaration (DLU/EBA) in 2004.

Tax law

Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers is there to guide you, whatever your tax queries or problems. The firm provides assistance with tax audits and in discussions and disputes with the tax authorities, in both the administrative stage and court procedures.

What is it that the tax administration can or cannot do? How realistic is the claim submitted by the tax authorities? Which arguments can be used to resolve the matter in the client’s favour in court?


Prior decisions regarding tax discussions can provide the necessary legal certainty where required. Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers has the required in-house expertise and experience to guide you and your advisors with the application.


In addition to traditional tax advice, the firm also carries out a tax risk analysis. It is not enough to devise a structure: it must also be able to withstand the scrutiny of the tax administration or even the courts.

The tax administration is often just as creative as the taxpayer himself when it comes to designing and combating tax structures and optimisations. Administrative positions and tax jurisprudence regarding anti-abuse provisions are closely followed by Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers.

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Jan Tuerlinckx

Racketeering the Dutch

Governments would like us taxpayers to believe that there is only one battle, and that would be the fight against tax fraud. There is at least one other battle, but the authorities would rather not tell us about it. It is an internal struggle that they prefer to keep under wraps.
Jan Tuerlinckx

Belly up due to VAT

Studies predicted it, and it is now becoming a reality: the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has become a liquidity crisis. For companies trying to shift up a gear, this is a nightmare. While their invoice payments are delayed if paid at all, they nonetheless need to meet their own financial obligations in good time.
Jan Tuerlinckx

The tax administration’s duty of care in question

A Dutch entrepreneur got into trouble with his company during the previous credit crisis. He came up with a creative solution: he asked his insurer for his accrued pension capital and temporarily transferred it to the company, with the intention of replenishing that capital as soon as his equity had recovered.
Jan Tuerlinckx

Don’t always squeeze every last drop

THESE ARE STRANGE CIRCUMSTANCES. New insights and concepts that were simmering below the surface are emerging, even in taxation. In this respect, this manifests itself in a particular form of paternalism, and this time not only in Belgium.