The firm advises you on the retention and transfer of your private and professional assets, while focusing on tax, corporate law, family and inheritance aspects.

An integrated approach is the key to success. Where necessary, the firm provides assistance with disputes which involve the use of your assets.

Retaining one’s assets is a challenge!

Inheritance and estate planning, and guidance of family-owned companies

Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers advises you on the transfer and protection of your private equity (Family Wealth Advising), keeping in mind all tax and family consequences.

In the case of family businesses, the law firm structures your private assets and organises the succession (Family Business Advising).

The firm advises you on all the questions you may have about gifts, wills, inheritance agreements and other succession plans.

Inheritance tax and registration fees

Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers guides you through all your questions and problems regarding inheritance tax and registration fees (including gift tax).

The firm provides assistance in cases of discussions and disputes with the tax authorities, including court procedures.

Family disputes and inheritance discussions

Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers analyses your personal situation and advises you on how to prevent or limit family disputes, for example as a result of death or divorce.

When family disputes nonetheless occur, the firm will assist you to defend your interests as much as possible.

Real Estate

Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers guides you in your real estate transactions and advises you on the structuring of your property portfolio.

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Jan Tuerlinckx

Taxation on a human scale

Tax law is a matter of public policy. This is a legal doctrine which means, among other things, that tax law must be applied at all times, that it cannot be deviated from, not even by the court. The competence of everyone and everything related to it is limited to its rigorous implementation. After all, paying taxes is the cornerstone of our society.
Jan Tuerlinckx

Stock options and RSUs

Doctors have an unenviable position at parties. People bombard them with dozens of medical questions about their ailments, possible medication and corresponding prescriptions, let alone the situation in which and uncle or grandchild makes an unfortunate movement or breaks something.
Jan Tuerlinckx

Full access to financial data in the pipeline

Almost three years ago to the day, my article “Le cadastre des fortunes arrive” was published under this section. The Central Contact Point (CCP), created by the National Bank of Belgium, has been operational since mid-2015.