[Taxation Disputes]

Assistance with tax audits: What can the authorities do and not do? How realistic is the taxation department’s claim?

Disputes with the tax authorities: Clear and concise argumentation in order to reach a negotiated solution.

Disputes at court: Formulating arguments that can make a difference, based on a realistic assessment of your position.

[Counsel/Risk Assessment]

Risk assessments are becoming more and more important with regards to taxation advice, to test the resilience of a given structure vis-à-vis both the taxation administration or the courts.

The tax authorities are just as creative as tax payers these days. In addition to the various anti-abuse provisions, longer-standing legislation can also often be interpreted in new ways in order to counter a multitude of optimisation structures and strategies.

We closely monitor the tax authorities’ point of view and follow trends in taxation rulings.


Our attorneys have been actively involved with all kinds of taxation regularizations, ever since the introduction of the first self-declaration legislation in 2004. Tuerlinckx Attorneys can advise you about the feasibility of regularizations and guide you through the procedure.


Everything begins with a risk analysis to determine the priorities when obtaining legal certainty. Any fundamental uncertainties can often be accounted for by means of an advance ruling.